CBD for Erectile Dysfunction – How it may help

CBD for Erectile Dysfunction

CBD for erectile dysfunction has become a topic of interest in the area of sexual health. Given the many potential benefits that CBD – or cannabidiol as it is otherwise known – can offer users, it is only natural that people have become curious as to whether it may help those who suffer with erectile dysfunction.

As it currently stands, there is no substantiating evidence that CBD for erectile dysfunction is an effective treatment, however, CBD has been shown to be helpful in treating some of the underlying issues that can contribute to erectile dysfunction. As such, taking CBD for erectile dysfunction may be advantageous.

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CBD for Erectile Dysfunction – What is erectile dysfunction?

Before we look at whether taking CBD for erectile dysfunction can help, what is erectile dysfunction? Abbreviated as ED, erectile dysfunction is a very common urological condition that affects around 30 million men in the United States. It is documented as the most common sexual health problem that patients report to their doctor.

The American Urological Association (AUA) defines erectile dysfunction as the inability to obtain or maintain an erection that is satisfactory in order to have sex.

The AUA describes that erectile dysfunction can occur for a number of reasons, including limited blood flow to the penis due to nerve damage or for other reasons, with stress or anxiety, or as an early warning sign of conditions related to heart disease, high blood pressure, or high blood sugar.

This is where CBD for erectile dysfunction may be advantageous for sufferers; in preventing or treating the underlying causes.

CBD for Erectile Dysfunction – How might it help?

Whilst there is no specific evidence that states taking CBD for erectile dysfunction helps, there are numerous published studies around the benefits for CBD when it comes to the underlying causes of ED.

In particular, multiple studies have shown CBD to help in reducing stress and anxiety. It has also been show to reduce performance anxiety around public speaking and social anxiety. Emotional factors are known to have a profound effect on libido.

In the context of using CBD for erectile dysfunction, taking it orally prior to intercourse may help with reducing performance anxiety and stress.

CBD has also been shown to aid in reducing blood pressure and contributing to overall heart health. In this instance, using CBD for erectile dysfunction may potentially improve circulation, which in turn may facilitate improving blood flow to the penis, aiding in erection.

CBD for Erectile Dysfunction – How do you use it?

Most people taking CBD for erectile dysfunction will take it orally. Some people also find that using a CBD balm (or even a small amount of CBD oil) topically on the penis can help to improve blood flow to the area. It is important that if you choose to apply CBD topically (balm or oil form), that you check the product ingredients and be aware of any that may cause sensitivity. Please also consider that if you use these topically, your partner may also become exposed to the CBD through contact as well.

CBD for Erectile Dysfunction – Are there any side effects?

Generally, taking CBD for erectile dysfunction is a safe option for most people CBD tends to be very well tolerated, especially at moderate doses. CBD comes with the risk of very few side effects when compared to traditional medications that are prescribed for ED, making it a remedy of interest for people who suffer with the condition.

Some people may react to CBD, or experience mild side effects, which can include fatigue, diarrhea or dry mouth.

CBD may interact with some medications, so if you are already on medication for your ED and want to try CBD for erectile dysfunction, you should speak with your doctor prior to commencing.

CBD for Erectile Dysfunction – The conclusion

Whilst there is still no specific evidence on CBD for erectile dysfunction, there is lots of literature that indicates CBD is beneficial in treating some of the underlying causes of ED. Therefore it may be beneficial for erectile dysfunction.


This blog about CBD for erectile dysfunction, is intended for informational purposes only. It does not intend to diagnose or treat any type of health condition, and it should not be taken as general or medical advice. Transcending Organics always recommends that you seek the opinion of your trusted healthcare provider to answer any questions and provide advice prior to taking CBD oil.


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