CBD Oil for Menopause- How it May Help Women

CBD has become a popular alternative treatment for many common health issues, and a choice supplement for wellbeing; it is possible that some women may find using CBD oil for menopause helpful in easing the uncomfortable symptoms that come with this transition.


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CBD Oil for menopause – What is menopause?

Menopause is a natural hormonal transition that occurs in women as they reach the end of their reproductive life. The term ‘menopause’ actually refers to the last menstrual period, however the hormonal changes that bring about the characteristic symptoms people normally associated with menopause can occur in the 4-8 years in the leadup to menopause.

Most women reach menopause between 45-55 years of age, but the final period may come earlier due to a number of factors.

CBD oil for menopause may help women in the peri-menopausal phase. Peri-menopause is the menopausal transition that leads to menopause. Some symptoms that occur during peri-menopause can include:

  • Irregular period or changes in flow
  • Changes in cycle length
  • Hot flushes
  • Night sweats
  • Aches and pains
  • Fatigue and irritability
  • Premenstrual symptoms such as sore breasts.

There is no way to predict at what age a woman’s menopausal symptoms will start or how long they will last.

CBD Oil for menopause – How might CBD help?

If you’ve read some of our other blogs, you may already know that CBD works via its interaction with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) of the body. The ECS is basically a collection of cell receptors located throughout the body, which when activated, illicit certain chemical responses that are involved in regulating a number of body systems including mood regulation, immune function, pain responses, sleep cycles, pain response, fertility and more.

Scientists theorize that when the ECS functions poorly, various health issues can arise.

It is thought that menopause disrupts the ECS, so CBD oil for menopause may be able to help by interacting with the receptors in the female reproductive system, helping to ease some menopause symptoms.

CBD Oil for menopause – Could relieve some symptoms of menopause.

Whilst there is no current information relating specifically to the use of CBD oil for menopause, there is a lot of scientific research that exists around CBD for various of the symptoms that tend to occur in menopausal women. For example:

  • Mood changes
    • Hormonal changes (specifically serotonin being influenced by estrogen and progesterone) at around the time of menopause can lead to increased depression and anxiety. CBD oil for menopause may help in this case by reducing the effects of depression and anxiety, as has been demonstrated in numerous studies
  • Sleep disturbances
    • Difficulty sleeping is a common symptom of menopause. This may be due to aches and pains, problems with regulating body temperature or due to stress and anxiety. CBD has been shown to help people get a better night’s sleep by working at the root causes of sleeplessness
  • Joint aches and pains
    • Perhaps one of the most well known effects of CBD is its anti-inflammatory action. CBD oil for menopause may help by working to relieve joint aches and pains which are often caused by changes in hormone levels.
  • Osteoporosis
    • At the time of menopause and afterwards, women lose bone density, which can increase the risk of fractures. An early animal study showed that CBD may interact with a cannabinoid receptor that is thought to play a role in bone density.

CBD Oil for menopause – The conclusion.

While there have been no specific studies to date, research suggests that CBD for menopause may be helpful in easing some of the symptoms. Menopause is a time of significant hormonal transition, so CBD Oil is a natural way to support the changes that are occurring in the body.


The above blog post regarding CBD oil for menopause is published with the intention of being informative and educational for readers. It is not intended to be taken as general or medical advice. Transcending Organics always recommends that women consult with their family doctor or other qualified, trusted healthcare professionals should they have any concerns regarding their menstrual periods or menopause.


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