Can CBD Oil Help Treat Asthma?

By now you will likely have read all about the many uses of CBD oil and the benefits of using it for various common conditions, but can CBD oil help treat asthma?

can cbd oil treat asthma

Can CBD oil help treat asthma? What is asthma?

Before we look at whether CBD oil can help treat asthma, let’s gain an understanding of the condition. Asthma is a medical condition that affects the airways. According to Australian statistics, about 1 in 9 people have asthma. People who suffer with asthma experience difficulties with breathing from time to time, because their airways can become thickened and narrowed, limiting the flow of air in and out of the lungs.

When someone experiences an episode of asthma, typically three things are occurring, either in isolation or all at once:

  1. The airways tighten up
    • The muscles inside the lining of the airways contract, narrowing the airway
  2. The airways thicken up
    • The lining of the airway become swollen and inflamed, narrowing the airway
  3. The airways fill up
    • The inside of the airway can become clogged or blocked by mucus.

The most common symptoms of asthma include:

  • Wheezing
  • Shortness of breath or feeling unable to get enough of a deep breath
  • Feeling tightness in the chest

Can CBD oil help treat asthma? How could it work?

Can CBD oil help treat asthma? It may be able to help to ease the symptoms of the chronic lung condition. One of the main reasons why CBD oil if useful for such a wide variety of ailments is due to its potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect. It also is thought to have neuroprotective benefits. Given this, it may be able to decrease the hypersensitivity of the airways, making the respiratory system less responsive to the triggers that cause the person’s asthma symptoms.

Can CBD oil help treat asthma? Is there any research?

So we already know that CBD has anti-inflammatory potential, but can CBD oil help to treat asthma? Potentially! In 2013, a study conducted on guinea pics concluded that CBD may have beneficial effects in in the treatment of obstructive airway disorders, including asthma. A subsequent study that was conducted on mice in 2019 determined that administration of CBD decreased airway inflammation and hyperresponsiveness in the animals that were induced with allergic asthma.

Can CBD oil help treat asthma? What would the dosage be?

The current available animal trials and research are promising. Since current clinical studies on CBD oil and asthma in humans are currently lacking, it is not possible to determine what dosages might be of greatest benefit to asthma sufferers. The dosage will depend on the type of product you are using (the concentration of the product) and will likely vary from person to person. We would suggest starting at eh lower end of the recommended dose rate described on the bottle you choose to purchase, and work your way up gradually from there.

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The information that is contained in this blog post, ‘Can CBD oil help treat asthma’, is intended for educational purposes only. It is not intended as a tool for diagnosis or for treatment of any illness, and it should not be taken as general or medical advice. Transcending Organics always recommends consulting your doctor or other trusted health professional for an accurate diagnosis of your condition.


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