CBD Oil New Zealand

CBD Oil has taken the world by storm, and New Zealand is no exception. As the demand for natural remedies and alternative options for healthcare products grows, CBD oil is becoming a popular choice for many people. Transcending Organics is proud to supply the highest quality CBD Oil New Zealand customers can access conveniently online, […]

CBD for Alcohol Use Disorder

Alcohol use disorder is a condition that affects millions of people throughout the world. Whilst there are a number of different treatments available, including medications and behavioural therapy, though many people are curious about the benefits of using CBD for alcohol use disorder, as a complimentary treatment. If you’re a regular reader of our blogs, […]

CBD Oil for Autism

Recently, there has been an increase in interest around the use of CBD oil for autism symptom management. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder that affects communication, social interaction, and behavior. According to the CDC, autism affects 1 in 44 American children. There is currently no cure for autism, so treatments are generally […]

CBD Oil for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

CBD (cannabidiol) oil has become increasingly popular in recent years, for its potential health benefits. One such area that has become of interest to the scientific community is the possibility of using CBD oil for chronic fatigue syndrome treatment. CBD Oil for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) […]

CBD for Allergy Symptoms: What you need to know

More than 50 million Americans suffer with allergies. Many people struggle with the symptoms of allergies on a daily basis, and not wanting to rely on pharmaceutical drugs, they are turning to natural compounds like CBD for allergy symptoms. What are allergies? Allergies occur when the immune system overreacts to a substance. People are commonly […]

CBD for Congestive Heart Failure

Countless research studies have attested to the many potential health benefits of cannabidiol, but what about CBD for congestive heart failure? Might this natural plant compound be able to help? Congestive heart failure occurs when the heart fails to pump blood around the body correctly, or efficiently. This causes a shortage of oxygen and nutrient […]

Will CBD oil work for psoriatic arthritis?

Will CBD oil work for psoriatic arthritis? Cannabidiol (CBD) has been a compound of interest in the field of clinical research for auto-immune disorders such as psoriasis. In this blog, we take a look at the current research and ask the question: does CBD oil work for psoriatic arthritis? Does CBD oil work for psoriatic […]

CBD for Erectile Dysfunction – How it may help

CBD for Erectile Dysfunction CBD for erectile dysfunction has become a topic of interest in the area of sexual health. Given the many potential benefits that CBD – or cannabidiol as it is otherwise known – can offer users, it is only natural that people have become curious as to whether it may help those […]

CBD for Eczema

CBD for Eczema – A Promising Treatment Clinical studies have shown that cannabidiol (CBD) may be beneficial for a variety of skin disorders, including eczema. In this blog, we run through the potential benefits and current around CBD for eczema. CBD for Eczema– What is eczema? Before we have a look at the potential benefits […]

CBD Oil for Lupus: The Potential Benefits

Lupus is an autoimmune condition, and whilst there is no known cure for the disease, many sufferers find that taking CBD oil for lupus helps to mitigate their symptoms and minimize the occurrence of painful flare-ups. According to the Lupus Foundation of America, around 1.5 million Americans are living with diagnosed lupus. The number of […]