About Us

Our vision.

Transcending Organics is not just the name of our company, but a powerful statement that drives our vision. To truly transcend is to surpass our current selves both psychologically and physiologically; from enhancing physical and cognitive performance, to healing ailments and calming nerves. We believe that everybody has the right to access the tools nature has provided to achieve a better self. Our vision to unify those that share our core fundamental belief, in that CBD for therapeutic benefits is the way of the future.

Why choose us?

Transcending Organics CBD is full spectrum from whole plant extract, containing phytocannabinoids and terpenes. Full spectrum CBD provides a more complete product than pure CBD isolate, with added Terpenes to boost the effectiveness of CBD’s characteristics.

The ingredients used in Transcending Organics products are organic (obviously, imagine if they weren’t with name like that!), non GMO and vegan. Our hemp growing methods are simple, we use earth and sun.

Our ingredients also come with HPLC testing, so if you’re curious about the purity of the product you are receiving, just ask!


Our team is passionate and committed to providing the best customer experience possible. For all enquiries please feel free to email us: [email protected] or send us an Instagram DM.